Debra Somerville Photography

Debra Somerville Photography


About Maruyama Design, LLC

Founded in 2004, Maruyama Design is the next chapter and ongoing work/life experiment of Karl S. Maruyama. This venture builds on the accumulated experience and wisdom of over 30, years of high end corporate consultancy. 

Starting out of school at Jack Hough Associates I had the good fortune to work with celebrated designers such as Jack Hough and Tom Morin who taught me the value of a culture of excellence and high standards. 

Moving on to Tom Fowler Inc., once again I was very lucky to have one of the greatest inspirations of an overall design life. Together we created numerous award winning design solutions for national and international clients while developing an office environment that supported creative growth and personal development. 

This firm is the next chapter in the evolution of that life philosophy of constant improvement, expansion of wisdom and sharing of the joy of creation.

Things that I believe in:

I believe that beauty has power.

Power to grab eyeballs and lead them to your message. Power to engage, enroll and inspire behavioral changes and action.

I believe that inherently, people are good and want to be good. That given reasonable choices and good information they make good decisions.

Given the above, I believe that design when practiced responsibly, has the potential to better the human condition and thus be a force for good.  

Karl S. Maruyama